Bioanalytical Services

Sample Analysis

  • Analysis of samples of pre-clinical or clinical origin.
  • HLA tissue typing.

Assay development

  • Flow Cytometry – FACS, including optimization of choice of antibodies and staining protocols.


Application of ELISPOT for:

  • assessment of cellular immunity, mainly T cell response

  • vaccine development, monitor immune response to vaccination

  • tumor immunology, assessing efficacy of cancer immunotherapy treatments

  • immunogenicity testing of pharmaceuticals

  • confirmation of antigenic epitopes, peptides binding MHC, stimulation of T cells by specific antigens

ELISPOT is the assay of choice to detect rare activated cells among human PBMC. It is usually applied to finding antigen-specific T cells, but activation of other cell types such as B cells is also measured. The main advantage of ELISPOT compared to other methods is its sensitivity and robustness at a reasonable price. Usually a human blood sample ist the starting point, from which PBMC are isolated and antigen added and after incubated during 24-48h. The number of antigen-specific activated T cells secreting IFN-γ is determined by developing the ELISPOT plate and counting with an ELISPOT reader. As alternative to IFN- γ, secretion of granzyme B, antibody, or various cytokines is possible.

This is Celltest’s offer:

  • ELISPOT assay development for antigen and cytokine of your choice, assembly of a custom ELISPOT kit together with a robust protocol tailored to your needs

  • Running ELISPOT assays on your samples according to your specifications


Despite the popularity of flow cytometry, setting up robust protocols yielding meaningful results is not trivial.

Celltest will develop and validate flow cytometry protocols for you, and process samples from your studies and experiments, including staining, running the sample, and data analysis and presentation.